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REACHING GOD is it really so difficult?

walk...walk....walki was ill and i was not about to say  my illness to my father as he is living 300kms away in different city. But he got the news from relative he not only called back but traveled 300 kms in cold weather to see me. He is my father only a human.Easily reachable. Sometimes i don’t need to reach but he reaches to me. In Hinduism we says god is our father and he is father of all fathers.If it is true he can not be difficult to reach.

Yes he is loving and caring ..he thinks of you always and gives you messages it is you only who is playing music of lust,anger,greed,jealousy so loudly that you cant recognize the flute of Shree Krishna .

yesterday i was on long drive with my wife on my bike….as it was Sunday morning roads were empty.Some sadhus were passing by the road.They were having some heavy goods with them.They were having no shoes in their feet.It was very cold weather i was just amazed by this all rituals did these guys got the God. As i am also a doctor i got some chances to serve sadhus and sadhvijis in my carrier. i have seen not all but most sadhus are suffering from  problems which i am facing in my day to day life. And even after becoming  sadhu if ego,jealousy,anger,lust is hurting you what is the use of becoming sadhu?

Stop your own music of kama,krodha,lobha,moha and you will see the god .I am feeling this and with my wonder i found same things written by ADISANKRACHARYAJI in mohamudgar………..

सेन्द्रियमानस नियमादेवं
द्रक्ष्यसि निज हृदयस्थं देवम् ॥ ३१॥

control your mind and indriyas and you will see that god is no where but he is seating in your heart.can you feel him?  God cant be seen he can be felt only. You cant see the air but you cant live without air.See the good things he did for you in life you will sure feel his presence.